Monday, October 22, 2007


This is from Carins post.

Cuim means:

Children under the influence of Missionaries.

I am sure you all remember how crazy you were when the missionaries came over for dinner. Well - Trent and Carin told me their children were behaving the exact same way. So it is not poor parenting it is "Children under the influence of Missionaries"


A picture of the girls waiting to be picked up by their school bus. It is cute to see them waiting for the bus.
We went to Lake Michigan to play and have a picnic. It is interesting because it looks just like the ocean except the waves are not as big.
Shea. She is a lovely little girl. She is well behaved and likes to talk as much as the others. At times she just talks and talks and talks. She will fit in just fine.
Behind their house is a pond. This is the trail to the pond. It goes for maybe 40 yards to the water. It was too wet to make it all the way to the pond. Trent created the trail for the girls to use. I was told their are big frogs in the pond.
Everybody getting ready for bed. This is snack time. The house is really nice and will be very comfortable for them.

Thursday, September 27, 2007


All of your answers were very original and funny. Elaine and I have laughed a lot over each one.
Some of you came close.
Tanya you were correct it has something to do with Pedro.
For any who don't know Pedro used to be Tim doing all sorts of manual labor.
I like Sara's answer - Perfect Husband and Dad


We are going to Utah in a couple of hours and I will not be returning until next Thursday. I will be showing your answers to Donna Mae and we will get lots of laughs.

Love Dad (or is it Pedro now)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Here are some more pictures of PHD's performed during the past couple of weeks. We had to stage the pictures tonight.
The first picture is us buying 7 gallons of paint. I have never bought 7 gallons of paint at one time. They are to paint the upstairs 2 bedrooms and Tim's old bedroom. You will not see me paint.
The next 2 pictures are my carpentry skills. Shelves in the upstairs closet.
The last picture - stripping wallpaper borders off the walls.
I love all your funny comments. A hint. In all the guesses the three words of PHD have been mentioned.
Good Luck
You are all my favorite.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Fun with the grandkids

A rainy day in Southern Califonria with no soccer games to watch.

I like your guesses of PHD. They are funny but not close. Keep on trying and in a few days I will give some hints.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Example of PHD

Weeding the garden during a break in rain storms. There was mud everywhere.
This is a PHD.